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Wrangell Alaska Fishing Is Good If You Have The Right Fishing Charter Service
But remember, even then many clients say that the fishing in Oregon, Washington and Idaho is better.

A fisherman from Oregon once said that he and and 3 friends stayed up there (Wrangell area) for 4 days year before last. The fisherman said that the fishing was really slow and all the guide did was make up new excuses every day. If it wasn't the weather (miserable) it was the bait or some other excuse. One day he even said he had to find somebody better to buy bait from. Finally, after this fisherman had caught only a few fish that were much smaller than the Fall Chinook he and his friends had always caught in Oregon, one of his friends told the guide that fishing was better on the Columbia River in Oregon. He didn't mean to offend. But fishing was very slow and he was just trying to make conversation. The guide snapped back saying "That's why I never likes to take people fishing who live in Oregon or Washington...... Because they always complain. I'd rather take clients any day from Michigan or someplace in the Midwest. They appreciate the fishing up here. If fishing is so great in Oregon why do you even bother to come up here?!"

Wrangell, Alaska fishing is good but it really depends on what you are comparing it to.


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Alaska fishing guides and charters would like to welcome you to our community located on Wrangell Island within the Tongass National Rain Forest in Southeast Alaska. Here you will find

  • Fishing
  • Hunting
  • Sightseeing
  • Bird Watching
  • Tourist Attractions
  • Friendly People
  • Peace & Quiet
  • Unlike Any Other Place, Experience Or Adventure You will Ever Experience Anywhere Else In The World.

Wrangell is a small town of approximately 2300 people with many streams and lakes in the nearby surrounding areas. This hidden jewel is considered the gateway to the Stikine River and provides great fishing opportunity without the crowds.

Why come to Wrangell:

  • Calmer inside passage waters
  • No crowds ( on freshwater fishing trip we may never see another person)
  • Full time resident guide
  • flyfishing lessons
  • 3 or 4 people is ideal for the day trip to fishing grounds, 1 hour or less
  • Glaciers to see on freshwater trips
  • whale, seals, Eagles
  • Saltwater flyfishing for pacific salmon
  • fishing gear is provided
  • small town with great places to stay
  • 2 Alaska airline flights a day
  • Anan bear observe
  • Stikine river trip
  • New museum
  • Native totem poles and long house

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Take your pick of streams, lakes or ponds (big or small) filled with Salmon, Dolly Varden Char and Cutthroat Trout!

The fish are in abundance but the crowds of people sure aren't. Most days the only other people you will see are the ones in your fishing group. Our usual group size is between 2 - 4 but we can take up to a maximum of 6.

Don't know the art of flyfishing? We can teach you, at no extra charge.

Flyfishing poles, hand-tied flies, (I have been tying our own flies for the past 11 years and believe me, these flies work!) spin-cast rods and reels with all the hooks you will need are all provided.

Or if you prefer, we invite you to bring your own "tried and true" rod and reel from home.

We are available for fishing trips from mid-June through the end of September.

Plan to leave the town of Wrangell around 7:30AM. Don't forget to eat a good breakfast and bring a sack lunch.

Float jackets are provided for your warmth, comfort and safety.

Usually within an hour's travel time we will be fishing. Most of the streams that we fish do not require any walking into, we jet boat you right to them.

All fish are catch and release.

After a full, relaxing day of fishing, we return to Wrangell about 4:30PM.

Take a Saltwater Fishing day trip with us and fish for BOTH Salmon and Halibut in the same day!

Plan to leave the town of Wrangell around 7:30 AM. Don't forget to eat a good breakfast and bring a sack lunch. Float jackets are provided for your warmth, comfort and safety.

As the salmon enter into the Inside Passage during the summer months, they feed on herring and needle fish along the shoreline and kelp beds. With a bright flash the salmon hits the bait fish.

For a real challenge, use a light tackle rod and reel or flyfishing gear to fish for hard-fighting-chrome-bright Salmon.

You cast your fly or spinner into the bait fish and start to retrieve. Slow at first, working it as a wounded herring and then faster as a needle fish trying to make its way out of danger.

Suddenly a school of Humpys (Pink Salmon) come out of the deep green water, hot on the tail of your hook. One of the hungry salmon strikes...you set the hook and the fight begins. It takes several trips around the boat before the tired salmon is finally brought close enough to the side of the boat to net. After removing the hook you cast again, waiting anxiously for the next fish to bite.

Will it be a single Coho this time? Or maybe even a King Salmon? You never know, since all of these fish feed on the bait fish.

Sounds like fun? It is!

Deep-sea fishing for Halibut, Rock Fish and Ling Cod in the Inside Passage is a lot different than fishing on the outside waters. Our seas here are very mild. Many days the water is so calm that you might think that you were fishing on a lake. Halibut can weigh up to 250 pounds and is fantastic eating.

fishing day trips

  • Our usual day starts around 7:30am and return to the Dock by 4:30pm

  • You can custom plan your days out, Freshwater fish one day and the next day go saltwater fishing for Halibut and salmon.

  • You can stop and take pictures of the wildlife any time during your trips. Humpback Whale and Killer whales are seen on many of our trips on the saltwater.

  • Two people minimum

  • half day special prices for fishing.

  • we take you where the fish are.

Other Services that we do are:

  • Sightseeing
  • Stikine river and glaciers tours
  • Anan Bear observe


Halibut     Ling Cod     King Salmon
Chum Salmon     Sockeye     Pink Salmon     Cutthroat Trout
Dolly Varden     Red Snapper



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